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Dynamic Marching

World-class instruction from award-winning marching band directors.

Marching bands don’t become successful overnight. They require dedication, lots of hard work, and expert instruction. Get access to courses from master teachers who’ve developed proven systems for inspiring student success both on and off the field.

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Dynamic Marching Previews

Dynamic Marching is the ultimate tool to help marching band directors and staff bring out the best in their students. Unlock the secrets to an award-winning marching band program and inspire success in your band members.


Virtual Marching Band Instruction

How Dynamic Marching Helps Your Band

  • Boost your competition scores

  • Improve student confidence and abilities

  • Learn a proven system for designing marching band shows

  • Provide organization and clarity in your instruction

  • Feel more organized and relaxed as a teacher

  • Join a community of like-minded, dynamic teachers


Travis Coakley
Biloxi High School
Biloxi, MS

Being a part of the inaugural class to go through the "Dynamic Design for Total Program Success" coursework was an eye-opening experience.  It forced me to take a thorough and critical look at our program and justify what worked well and what areas we needed to improve in.  I highly, highly recommend this for any music educator who is interested in seeing immediate personal and professional growth and success.  Bravo to Jeff and Bobby on a great program!

Angelo Kortyka
Saint Edward High School
Lakewood, OH

We have been using your instructional videos this season and I have to say, the results are amazing! My band has never looked or sounded better. I feel like we have answers to all the questions regarding movement, not only regarding marching but body movements and warmups as well. It really helped seeing you implement the techniques with real students as well.

Josh Bartz
Portage Northern High School
Portage, MI

You guys have allowed my design team to really grow and have great conversations that wouldn’t have happened before.  In five years we are going to look back on this and realize a "turning point" in the program was access to this material.

What Real Band Directors Are Saying...

What's Inside?

Learn from master teachers who have proven their success in the classroom and on the field. You’ll get access to comprehensive courses with proven systems for total marching band program success. Inside you’ll find:


  • The System - Gain confidence and improve performance through learning and mastering the fundamentals

  • Marching Music Fundamentals - Better your band’s musicianship through learning the best practices in tone production, timing, and proper music selection.

  • Fundamentals of Dance - Proper movement is essential to any marching band’s performance. Learn correct posture, alignment, feet and arm positions, and more.

  • Fundamentals of Flag - Colorguard members will learn the ins-and-outs of their flag and properly perform spins, tosses, and more.

  • Understanding & Mastering Visual Ensemble - A comprehensive course on how to teach & clean drill, rehearsal etiquette & efficiency, and drill design.

  • Understanding & Mastering General Effect for Marching Band - Learn how real judges score students in the general effect caption.

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