The school membership is now available for Elementary, Middle School, High School, online K-12, and College. These options are designed to support the educator in the classroom or as a support piece to the curriculum they teach.  

This membership is also designed to keep costs low and available to all students.  Students of these options will also need an individual license for use at home or personal study, unless using school supplied computer.

School Membership

Excluding Sales Tax
Price Options
College Membership
Colleges & Universities
$2,000.00yearly/ auto-renew
Teachers & Students
$250.00yearly/ auto-renew
K-12 online
$1,000.00yearly/ auto-renew
Small School
Less than 500 students
$250.00yearly/ auto-renew
  • Multi-year discounts/licenses are available.

    Please contact Connect Through Music for more information.