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This membership provides access for all students and staff per individual school.

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The elementary school membership provides music learning for all grades. This license covers all Administrators, Counselors, Teachers, Students, and school’s PTA/PTO president. We start with rhythm and sounds, and simple songs to support social and emotional learning. We will also have songs and jingles that support reading and vocabulary learning. Our professional instruction will give all students the opportunity to learn how to play an instrument. This membership is priced so that every elementary school can have a robust music program.

3 Year membership is available for $600.00. Savings of $150.00

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Elementary Membership


3 Year Membership $600.00

a savings of $150.00

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The college membership is designed to be a support to the curriculum that is being taught. This license covers Head of Department, Professors and Adjunct Professors, and all Assistants of the program.  It is designed to provide future educators, musicians and researchers with resources they can use in developing their own style as they move into the workforce.

A 3 year membership is available for $4,500.00. A savings of $1,500.

Annual membership available HERE.

University Membership


$4,500 3 year membership

a savings of $1,500.

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