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Here is information on how Connect Through Music is supporting Elementary Education. Each of these content areas are available by membership only. Free Previews are on the Elementary page in the player. You can see expanded previews of this content with a Preview Membership.
Girl by the Tree

These songs are designed to be a fun resource that supports the development of reading skills through the 3rd grade. From phonics to putting words together these songs will be a fun way to engage young students on learning new words. For more details, see individual grades.

Teacher & Student

These songs will continue the vocabulary learning process from 4th-6th grades. The song presentations will also help with spelling exercises helping students stay at grade level learning.

Girl with Ukelele

Learn to Play

These video series provide professional beginning instruction for each instrument from the moment they open the instrument case. See instruments for more details.

Guitar Lesson

This music library will provide support for the SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) initiative teachers have been given. Songs will help teachers and parents address social and personal development skills that students need to learn.

Child on Tablet

Special Needs

We all know that students with special needs enjoy music. This section will be developed in a way that all special needs students have the opportunity to enjoy music in their own way.

Concert Hall 1

These video performances will show how instruments are used in various settings. These performances will also cover music or introduce instruments from other cultures showing how music is enjoyed by all students from around the world.

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