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Does Your School have a Beginning Band or Guitar Program?

Science proves Why Music is essential for the development of students ages 8 and up. Social and Emotional development is key while our children are young.


Connect through Music can help make it happen by bringing

the finest support resources to dedicated music teachers.


Connect Through Music is your one-stop-shop for online, on demand sequential instrument lessons, music theory, maintenance and more.
But what does a teacher say?


Keep students engaged and connected

through a guitar program.

Connect Through Music’s guitar program is designed to help anyone interested in playing the guitar. Join Jessica as she provides you with all the necessary materials to make learning and playing the guitar fun

Competence, confidence, character, caring, and connection

all improve through playing an instrument.

Our Band or Guitar program $250 annual membership covers all the students in your band or guitar program and the teachers. They can access all the content Connect Through Music creates.
Join CTM today and make sure your school’s band and guitar programs have the professional support resources they need so students learning an instrument have a positive and rewarding experience.

Using the Power of Music for Learning

For Questions call 833-286-5500 or email

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